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I'm a software product manager and team lead with 15+ years experience across apps and platforms in mobile, mobility, automotive, and IoT.

I have worked in early-stage startups, growth-stage companies, and digital agencies on Core Product, UX, Growth, Payments, Compliance, Business Development, and Team Building.

Been There, Done That


2019-today, LA

Shared micromobility

Delivered +■% net revenue lift 🔥

Faraday Future

2016-2018, LA & Beijing

Ultra-luxury EVs

Helped raise $2B Series A 💰


2014-2015, Berlin

Ebook Subscription

Did not achieve LTV:CAC target and sunset company 😞


2006-2014, Berlin, LA & Seattle

Tech Consulting

Delivered 30% EBIT margin 💪

Franz Fahrenheit

Hobby project

Weather app displaying Fahrenheit and Celsius side-by-side 😎


Hobby project

Meditation app for progressive muscle relaxation 🧘


Hobby project

Roadtrip app reading out Wikipedia articles nearby 🚗

Deutsche Telekom

2005-2006, Darmstadt

Student trainee on Mobile Email and MMS Composer 🎓

A Few Words About Me

I enjoy working with designers, analysts and engineers to build great products.

I love music, good coffee, reading books, traveling, playing guitar and whenever I find time working on my hobby iOS apps.

Detailed CV available upon request. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for a few more details and feedback from people I worked with over the years.

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