Hello there, I'm Björn.
I love making digital products.

I have 10+ years experience across apps and platforms in mobile, mobility, automotive and IoT. I have worked in early-stage startups, growth-stage companies and digital agencies.

I enjoy working with designers and engineers to build great products.

I love music, good coffee, reading books, traveling, playing guitar and whenever I find time working on my hobby iOS apps Franz Fahrenheit, WikiTrip and Superchill.

Currently based in LA 🌴.

Get in touch via Email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

My work experience

@ Bird

Product Lead → Staff Product Manager · Santa Monica · 2019 - today

Bird is the leading micromobility company offering shared, rented and owned vehicles for 1-5 mile trips.

I love the Bird product and currently lead our Rider team. We are a group of engineers, designers, researchers and analysts and ship iOS, Android and API updates on a weekly basis. Our objective is to grow riders, rides and net revenue — whilst providing a great experience for riders to get around town in a fun, safe, affordable and clean way.

In addition, I am collaborating closely with our vehicle product team to ensure a great integrated hardware-software experience.

@ Faraday Future

Product Owner → Director, Product Management · LA & Beijing · 2016 - 2018

Faraday Future is an electric vehicle startup making hyper-connected, ultra-luxurious EVs.

FF was a wild ride. I was initially hired as a product owner at an early stage of the company and was quickly asked to build a product management group and to re-structure the UIUX team.

Besides recruiting and team building, my initial challenge was to define a digital product strategy for drivers and passengers. This was a very exciting task, as it’s rare that you get the opportunity to define a product on platform level.

On the hardware side, we used a total of 11 displays (touch, head-up and remote controlled), 4 mics, 4 cameras, steering wheel controls, an audio system with 4 individual sound zones and 2 Snapdragon SoCs.

On the software side, we built on top of Android, with fully customized system UI and a set of 1st and 3rd party applications. We partnered with services such as Here and SoundHound on the 1st party, and Alexa, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon Video on the 3rd party side. Our platform had to be fully localizable for the China market, for which we partnered closely with our product team in Beijing. I learned a lot about working across cultures and a lot about the Chinese market in general.

Products included Launcher, System UI, Homescreen, Notifications, Voice Assistants, Navigation, Audio, Video, Messaging, Phone, User Account, Cameras, Settings, OTA, ADAS, Vehicle Controls, Driver Controls, Energy and Entry.

Execution involved close collaboration with Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Design, Ergonomics and Marketing teams in LA, San Jose and Beijing. It was a lot of fun building a product inside an electric supercar and to try out releases while driving around.

I also had the opportunity to be closely involved in our Series A financing round, where I pitched our digital product strategy and demo'd to investors. It was a huge team effort to close a $2B round led by Evergrande.

Unfortunately, the company was mismanaged, which resulted in turmoil between the founder and the new investor, at which point I decided to move on.

@ Blloon

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer · Berlin · 2014 - 2015

Blloon was an ebook subscription service (Netflix for books).

I joined the company at a very early stage. We were a small but mighty team and it was a lot of fun building a product from scratch, launching and then growing it.

While we got good traction on the consumer side, we didn’t manage to convince publishers of a sustainable model that would work for both sides.

I was deeply involved in recruiting, team building and fundraising.

Being a small team, besides all the strategic work, I did a lot of hands-on execution and designed iOS and web product hands-on in Sketch and worked closely with engineers on implementation.

@ iconmobile

Project Manager → VP, Product Experiences · Berlin, Santa Monica, Seattle · 2006 - 2014

iconmobile is a consulting firm for design, technology and innovation with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

I started back in the day (2004) as an intern, when I was still in college. This was in the pre-smartphone era in the very early days of mobile. We designed UI for feature phone OEMs (Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Motorola) and built and operated mobile web portals for mobile operators (Vodafone, O2, Orange).

In my last two years at iconmobile, I ran the US-based product experiences business, including P&L responsibility, team management, overall quality and business development.

I pitched, sold and delivered product strategy and development projects for mobile, automotive and IoT products to BigCos (Samsung, Microsoft, P&G, Sprint, AT&T, O2, Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Allianz, Blackberry, ...). Most of my time was spend on business development and then providing an environment where the team could execute and deliver well.

Selected projects during my time at iconmobile:

  • Samsung TouchWiz Android System UI, Launcher, 1st party apps UI design and iconography (Instinct, Galaxy S1-3)
  • Oral-B Connected Bluetoothbrush (BLE to iOS and Android apps)
  • m.microsoft.com mobile web rendering platform
  • 1st gen m.sites for Windows, Office, Xbox, Live
  • SMS to app download platform for Windows Live and Office iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME clients
  • SoftCard NFC mobile wallet Android and iOS apps
  • Mercedes-Benz Predictive User Experience AI concept
  • O2 Active and Vodafone Live carrier portals